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De-toxing with Mother Nature

Tight schedules, responsibilities at work and smog in the city: these all contribute to cause stress and a feeling of psycho-physical uneasiness. It’s time to switch off and the best way to do that is to immerse yourself in the wilderness of nature. Trentino offers so many opportunities to re-discover your inner self and slow down, with a variety of activities that will help you unwind and relax. Here are five ideas for “de-toxing” yourself – try them all and see which one makes you happiest and most relaxed.

Yoga on skis

Perhaps you are an expert in yoga, or at least you may have taken a few lessons. But have you ever tried yoga on skis? This innovative activity is offered for the first time in Italy in the Paganella Ski Area. The ancient Indian discipline can help you in physical terms when practising snow sports, because the stretching of the muscles and correct breathing can give a sense of well-being which makes skiing easier, but also from a psychological viewpoint, because meditation increases your control of the body, which makes for more awareness and responsibility when skiing. Ski-yoga is ideal for all ages.
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From bridge to bridge, tracking deer

In Val di Fiemme you can take part in a guided trek through nature, along the Marciò track in the Paneveggio Pale Nature Park in San Martino. The path is flat and winds between the trees along the track made by deer. Then you cross a bridge with a see-through floor and a Tibetan bridge suspended by ropes, from which you can observe the Torrente Travignolo from high above.
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Barefoot in the snow

Have you ever walked barefoot in the snow? Yes, very probably you are shivering at the thought, but we can assure you that it’s a great way of getting into close contact with nature and restoring your psycho-physical well-being. To get an idea of what it’s all about, imagine a sort of Kneipp therapy, which is usually found in health spas. This is one of the activities organized in Alpe Cimbra by Malga Millegrobbe in Lavarone, where you can find teachers and experts in this type of therapy.
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The ritual of the Aufguss steam sauna

Have you ever heard of the Aufguss sauna? It is a ritual in which an instructor who is an expert in this technique pours water, snow or ice, mixed with essential oils, onto the red-hot coals in the brazier: this creates a hot, fragrant vapour which affords the users of the sauna a feeling of intense well-being. For those who might wish to try this type of sauna, it is available at the Te Jaga Beauty & Spa at the Active Hotel Olympic in Val di Fassa.

On the snow in a sleigh or on horseback

In Val di Non, you can enjoy the snowy landscape in a sleigh or on horseback. This is another exciting experience which allows you to admire the unique landscape while immersed in almost total silence. Several stables organize this type of excursion, and you are sure to find the one that suits you best: at Ruffré, for example, there is a night-time sleigh-ride through the farmsteads and the illuminated nativity scenes in each village, or gentle pony rides for children.
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