Dessert wines

The peculiar characteristics of Trentino territory and climate favour the production of sweet wines that are born from late-harvested, naturally raisined grapes.These sweet wines are dedicated to moments of conversation and recommended with particular cheeses and all desserts of the classic cuisine.

Arèle Vino Santo Trentino DOC

Grape variety

Only Nosiola grapes, Trentino-native white variety.

Production area

The Valle dei Laghi (6) that links Trento with the north bank of Lake Garda.


Brilliant yellow in colour, it has an intense and complex bouquet that brings to mind dried fruit (almonds and walnuts) and honey.
The flavour reveals great balance between freshness, body and sweetness, offering a richness of sensations to the palate.

Matching with food

Ideal with biscuits and dry pastries.
Also excellent with cream-based desserts.

Bottle size

0.50 L