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Trentino is an extraordinary land. The province covers around 6,200 km2, in which very different landscapes and microclimates alternate: from the plains in the Valle dell’Adige to the peaks of the Brenta Dolomite mountains, from the mild temperatures on Lake Garda to the cold Alpine temperatures of the Dolomites.
Thanks to this variety of soils, environments and climate, Trentino produces wines with a unique personality which are today well-known and appreciated throughout the world and, together with Alto Adige, is the region of Italy with the highest proportion of land with the DOC (Controlled Denomination of Origin) appellation.
10 wineries, 4,500 growers and about 5,500 hectares of vineyards covering 60% of the grape-growing land in Trentino.

These are the numbers that represent Cavit, the company that showcases the wine produced in Trentino.
For more than 60 years, Cavit has supported and guided its members in the production of top-quality wine: the wine is aged in the winery in Trento, marketed throughout the world and it represents the wine-making skills and know-how of the people of Trentino.
The wine is the fruit of the land. Cavit’s commitment to the land is to ensure sustainability by promoting specialist viticulture, often made more difficult by the steepness of the slopes, safeguarding the environment and biodiversity and identifying the autochthonous grape varieties that are most suited to the natural characteristics of the various zones.

Energy saving, specific actions for each individual varietal, reduced use of chemicals, use of renewable energy sources: these are just some of the ways in which Cavit aims to pass down to future generations a healthy and whole environment.
Cavit is truly proud to be part of this magical land, and so has decided to tell its story and at the same time that of the company. Chefs, barmen, journalists, agronomists and wine-producers give voice to Trentino and to its superb wines, but also to its local gourmet products, tourist itineraries and the natural beauty of the land. These professionals tell us how best to appreciate the beauty of Trentino, the genuine friendliness of its people and the flavour of its simple local dishes. And you can learn how to enjoy an unforgettable vacation immersed in the uncontaminated splendour of one of Italy’s greenest regions.


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