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Ossobuco filling for tortelli (and Lagrein for toasting)

Milan, Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia: so much more than just a restaurant, The perfect match to Tortelli Filled with Ossobuco of Piedmontese Veal and its marrow with a reduction of its stock, Sardinian saffron and parmigiano is a bottle of Lagrein.

Negrotino: “Mangia e bevi” from Trentino to Puglia

What happens when you ask a barman from Puglia to create a drink with a wine from Trentino? He creates a cocktail like this one that’s different, fun and original but more importantly has an amazing flavour and is able to capture the spirit of two different territories through their products of excellence.

Mother Nature, a cocktail that’s Trentino through and through

In this drink, the harmonic smoothness of Pinot Noir grappa, with its hints of vanilla and wood combined with berries and amarena cherry, blends with the elegant, aromatic freshness and delicate spicy notes of Cavit’s Müller Thurgau Cuvée Speciale, which replaces the Cognac and Champagne.

Rosé or Nosiola, with Arctic char you choose

The local cuisine reigns supreme along with Italian dishes in the restaurant of Villa Madruzzo in Trento. Just as an example to tempt your taste buds, the chef serves the Arctic char, one of the typical local dishes, in an almond crust with a smooth berry sauce and crispy vegetables.

Don Trentito, an Argentinian in the mountains

Don Trentito is an ideal aperitif cocktail, but also an excellent accompaniment to vegetable, fish and soft cheese dishes. A cocktail that primarily reflects Trentino, but also a bit of South America and Venice.

Zucchine alla molisana

Thinly slice the washed courgettes lengthwise and fry in plenty of oil. Lay them out on paper towels and, in the meantime, chop together the mint, garlic and chilli pepper. Marinate the courgettes for at least three hours with this mixture, the vinegar and oil.

Tortei di patate

This delicious dish can be widely found throughout the Trentino valleys, especially in those crossed by Noce river. The unmistakeable flavour is exalted accompanying sausages and cheese, beans with onion and fresh salad.


Soak the six bread rolls and in the meantime cook the spinach in lightly salted water; once cooked squeeze it out and chop finely. Add the spinach to the dry bread and add the eggs and flour. If the mixture is too wet, add some breadcrumbs.

Gnocco fritto (fried gnocchi)

After melting the yeast in some hot water, prepare an elastic dough with the flour, lard, yeast and a pinch of salt. Leave to stand for about an hour and then roll it out, cutting it into diamond shapes approx. 8cm in length and 3-4cm in height and then fry them in plenty of oil....


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