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Sella Ronda and much more: are you ready for the most exciting SkiTours in the Dolomites?

We all love winter because it also means trips to the mountains, lots of snow and great skiing! If you want to spend a day or a week-end up in the mountains, and especially if you are planning a ski week, Trentino is the favourite spot.

Paradise on two wheels

If your idea of sport is cycling and mountain-biking, this news will be music for your ears. Last June, the Province of Trentino inaugurated Bikeland, a true paradise for all cycling lovers.

The smart forest

We have all heard about smart cities, but how about smart forests? Well, they actually exist. Trentino, where 80% of the Province is covered from woods, is already conducting experiments regarding the smart forest.

Have you ever heard trees breathing?

There is a themed walk along the uplands of Lavarone whose name in itself will take you to another dimension, the most real one, in contact with nature, reminding you that humans are not the only living things on our planet.

Three Autumn walks through the vineyards

The last days of Autumn, when the fading sunlight turns the leaves to red and gold. The Winter cold has not yet arrived, and we can make the most of the last few days of the season to enjoy a walk in the mountains.


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