Natura trentina

Natura trentina

The fantastic earth Pyramids of Segonzano

There are some places that are truly extraordinary. Unique places that will leave you dumbfounded as you contemplate the wonders of nature. There are many of these in Trentino, one of which is Valle di Cembra with its Pyramids of Segonzano.

Along the Sentiero della Pace (Peace Trail) to the forts in Trentino

The Trentino Province offers numerous beautiful and fascinating castles which are witnesses to the splendour of the past and were the strongholds of the many wealthy noblemen. But Trentino is also dotted with numerous military forts which form part of the history of the Province and of Italy itself.

Photographing the beauty of nature

You can also discover places of natural beauty through powerful photographic images which create strong emotions and make you want to see the places with your own eyes, perhaps taking your own photographs to document your travels.

In the land of Teroldego

Bright ruby red, a fruity nose with hints of raspberry and banana, a dry flavour and unique fragrances that improve with age: Teroldego Rotaliano was the first wine produced in Trentino to obtain DOC (Appellation of Controlled Origin) certification.

Summer in the (botanical) garden

Gardens, parks, vegetable gardens: Trentino features many beautiful botanical treasures, most of which are open only for the Summer. Take advantage of this opportunity and visit them as soon as you can!


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