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The fantastic earth Pyramids of Segonzano

There are some places that are truly extraordinary. Unique places that will leave you dumbfounded as you contemplate the wonders of nature. There are many of these in Trentino, one of which is Valle di Cembra with its Pyramids of Segonzano. Have you ever seen them? They look like something created from the imagination of a writer or a film-maker, something from another world which, at least for a few hours, we can visit.

The pyramids are the product of a geological phenomenon, and consist of moraine deposits (very fine gravel, pebbles and boulders) left after the last ice age when the Avisio glacier disappeared from the valley. They are in a number of different shapes resulting from the disintegration and collapse of the mountainsides and the thin ridges: long conical shapes topped with a large “cap”, sharp-topped pyramids, craggy or sharp ridges, pyramids grouped together like organ pipes. The “cap” on the top of some of the pyramids ensures their long life, as it acts as a protective cover. Without the cap, the resulting pointed tip would be more subject to erosion by rain. The largest “cap” in the park has been calculated to weigh around 10 tones.

The pyramids are also protected by trees and bushes, but in the past were eroded or destroyed by earthquakes, floods or even cannon-fire (during Great War military exercises).
You can visit the Pyramids of Segonzano every day from June until September (in May and October, week-ends and bank holidays only) and are best viewed during a trek lasting about 2 hours 45 minutes, with a climb of 271 metres. The starting-point for a visit to the natural park is the Rio Regnana bridge (between Lases and Segonzano), from where visiting groups can admire the pyramid formations from above. The trail then passes very close to the first three groups of pyramids, through a wood of conifers and broad-leafed trees which provide shade during the summer months. The trail does not reach the fourth group directly, but it can be viewed from the road between Segonzano and Quaras. A less arduous route starts in Val Pomara, and after 1.2 km comes to a terrace with a panoramic view of Valle di Cembra.

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