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Have you ever heard trees breathing?

There is a themed walk along the uplands of Lavarone whose name in itself will take you to another dimension, the most real one, in contact with nature, reminding you that humans are not the only living things on our planet. It’s called Il respiro degli alberi (The Breathing Trees) and is an open-air exhibition of contemporary art sited in the woods, whose works (most of which are permanent) are an integral part of the nature which surrounds them.

Numerous Italian and international artists began their work back in 2001, the year in which the idea of Giampaolo Osele, an architect and sculptor from Lavarone, resulted in the themed walk. Among the works, you can admire Leonardo Nava’s “Radici dell’anima” (Roots of the soul), “Memorie di un bosco” (Memories of a Wood) by Paolo Vivian and “Virtuosa natura” (Vitruous Nature) by  Aldo Pallaro.

Why trees? Because they are the silent guardians of life and one of its essential elements. Leaves and branches capture the sunlight and transform it into vital energy; their crowns provide shelter and shade to the other creatures, and their roots protect the soil. In Trentino, 56% of the land is covered by trees, mainly spruce and larch, but with a lesser number of pines and beech trees. In the area of the Malga Laghetto biotope, there is Europe’s tallest silver fir – 50 metres on height, 4 metres in circumference and estimated to be around 230 years old. Along the trail, the woods open up to reveal stunning landscapes where you can admire the Vigolana, the Val di Cembra, the Brenta Dolomites, Valsugana and lake Caldonazzo.

How can you enjoy Il respiro degli alberi? The trail is in Lavarone, near Tomazol, and runs through the villages of Virti and Chiesa. You can reach it without difficulty on State High Road SS349. The route consists entirely of forest roads with an even gravel surface. The trail is 2.4 km in length (so you need to take the return ride into account) with a climb of 116 metres. You can walk or ride a mountain-bike or a horse; the trail is also suitable for pushchairs and wheelchairs and, during the winter months, you can wear snowshoes.

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