Negrotino: “Mangia e bevi” from Trentino to Puglia

What happens when you ask a barman from Puglia to create a drink with a wine from Trentino? He creates a cocktail like this one that’s different, fun and original but more importantly has an amazing flavour and is able to capture the spirit of two different territories through their products of excellence. “I’ve created a drink that you can eat as well as drink, perfect as an aperitif, both before lunch and pre-dinner”, explains Tommaso Scamarcio, aged 37, originally from Andria and barman at the QUADRA Le Club in Trani (Bt).

The cocktail is a Negroni revisited through the re-interpretation of a typical dish from Puglia: burrata and tomato with artichoke and mint salad: “The tomato is evoked by a gin that is based on this botanical, the artichoke by Cynar and mint by Brancamenta. Then comes a drop of Lagrein Dunkel, a minerally DOC red wine from Trentino with hints of vanilla, which I love because it pairs extremely well with Mediterranean cuisine. This mixture is then closed inside a fresh burrata (I used one that had just been made), which absorbs the flavour of the cocktail and after being drunk, can be eaten”.

Scamarcio returned to his homeland Puglia after extensive experience working in Britain, the United States and Australia: behind the bar of QUADRA Le Club he creates exquisite cocktail mixes that reflect the sophistication of the venue, which is owned by a fashion business group and also features a restaurant and clothing store. “Here at the bar we often have a great time creating drinks based on wine: this winter’s cocktail list draws its inspiration from international fashion icons and was developed after researching their tastes”.

European finalist at the Clairin World Championship in Paris and classified third in the Gin Mare Mediterranean Inspiration Competition, Scamarcio is pleased that in the world of mixology, compared to ten years ago, people are once again searching out high-quality products but with one proviso: “Undoubtedly this trend is good, but we must be careful not to lose the intrinsic poetry of our profession. We are the psychologists of the people sitting at the bar: it’s better to arouse the customers’ curiosity and encourage them to learn more about what they’re drinking rather than bore them with too much technical detail which, after a day’s work, they may not really be interested in listening to”.



  • 40 ml Cavit Mastri Vernacoli Lagrein Dunkel Trentino DOC
  • 25 cl Cynar (left in the fridge for 24 hours with Coratina variety extra virgin olive oil)
  • 15 ml Moletto gin (tomato fruit botanical)
  • 5 ml Brancamenta
  • 1 burrata from Andria


Pour all the ingredients into a mixing glass, then pour out inside a burrata with the centre scooped out, insert a straw and place the top on the mozzarella. Serve in a stemmed glass.


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