Sparkling wines

The soil and climate conditions of Trentino region, in particular the temperature range between day and night, give the grapes unique characteristics that come out in sparkling wines as a precious and delicate aroma.
Cavit’s Charmat method sparkling wines are “youthful tasting” products, with exuberant and fresh fruity fragrances and a delicate flavour.

SanVigilio Moscato Dolce

Grape variety

Moscato Giallo.

Production area

The hills of Trento (4), Besenello and Mori (2).


Reveals the typically aromatic notes of Moscato Giallo with hints of flora and spices; the prevalent sweet sensation is softened by a pleasant freshness.
Giving it a pleasant and harmonious balance of sensations.

Matching with food

Peach tart, crème caramel, Italian pastries.

Bottle size

0,75 L